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How to Make an Obstacle Avoiding Arduino Bot.

Made By :
19mdykstra from Instructables.
Edited and Redesigned: 

Last year we attempted to make a tank with arduino. Theoretically, she would have been controlled with an infra-red remote and also have been the coolest little car on the block. Her name was Bessie, and she failed miserably. She was barely controllable and her gears would become misaligned on a regular schedule. We vowed not only to never touch an IR receiver again, but also to do better next time. Thus, Bessie's son was born. His name is Eisseb (see what we did there). Eisseb is our obstacle avoiding car. He began as a fancy RC car chassis, and with some modifications, plus an arduino uno and a sonic sensor, he became what he is today: awesome. BUT WAIT! There's more: We did the work, so you don't have to! Okay, that's a lie, but we did write down what we did. Hopefully, the world will soon be full of sonic sensor cars for Eisseb's robot army. Step 1: Gather Your Eisseb Materials! - MA…