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Hi friends. This is the average weightage taken from last few years and All important (imp.) are mentioned beside the topics. Perfection of all these 75 topics will allow you to score easily 300+ in mains and high score in advance. Just set towards your aim to score high rank. Start your revision and aim your stars. The aspirants who are writing jee in 2019 can get sufficient time to follow this weightage. 2018 aspirants too can follow and score high. Good luck.

Awesome Magnetic Pyramid.

This is my one the collection of videos.

GATE 2018 Application Form Correction Modifications is permitted in the GATE 2018 application form only in limited entries. Requests for correction in application form has been started now. The GATE application correction will be allowed only after the submission of application form. In case, if any mistake has committed by the candidate in application then, he/she has to sent an email subjecting “Correction in data (Enrollment Number)” along with the document proof. GATE Corrections/Modifications will be granted in the following fields: Name of CandidateDOBName of Parent/GuardianStatus from Gen to OBC and OBC to GeneralHave you graduated in the above degree?Year of Qualifying Degree GATE 2018 Exam Date Check Here – GATE 2018 (गेट 2018) – हिंदी GATE 2018 exam dates have been declared now. Candidates may check official dates below. EventsDates (Announced)Commencement of Online Application Form1st September 2017Last Date of Application Form Submission5th October 2017Last Date to request fo…

How to Make an Obstacle Avoiding Arduino Bot.

Made By :
19mdykstra from Instructables.
Edited and Redesigned: 

Last year we attempted to make a tank with arduino. Theoretically, she would have been controlled with an infra-red remote and also have been the coolest little car on the block. Her name was Bessie, and she failed miserably. She was barely controllable and her gears would become misaligned on a regular schedule. We vowed not only to never touch an IR receiver again, but also to do better next time. Thus, Bessie's son was born. His name is Eisseb (see what we did there). Eisseb is our obstacle avoiding car. He began as a fancy RC car chassis, and with some modifications, plus an arduino uno and a sonic sensor, he became what he is today: awesome. BUT WAIT! There's more: We did the work, so you don't have to! Okay, that's a lie, but we did write down what we did. Hopefully, the world will soon be full of sonic sensor cars for Eisseb's robot army. Step 1: Gather Your Eisseb Materials! - MA…

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Extension of lythagoras theorem - By me

We all know that (famous) mathematician pythagorus. Like pythagorus his younger brother LYTHAGORUS want to discover a theorem and finally he made that but failed to explain the proof. The mistake he made was rectified by me (lol _ not a big mistake, simple logic that was not developed in old days) .

Lythagoras gave me a hint to discover this theorem or fact. He said that square of length of smallest side of a right triangle is equal to sum of lengths of other two sides. But I correct the statement. He had reached his victory but it has a small mistake. The correct statement which was given by me is "the square of smallest side in right triangle is equal to (x)(sum of lengths of other two sides).
           If 'c' is hypotenuse and a>b.                                                                                                                                                                                then 'b' square = x(a+c).
I think this is 1st time to …