How to Make an Obstacle Avoiding Arduino Bot.

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19mdykstra from Instructables.
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Last year we attempted to make a tank with arduino. Theoretically, she would have been controlled with an infra-red remote and also have been the coolest little car on the block. Her name was Bessie, and she failed miserably. She was barely controllable and her gears would become misaligned on a regular schedule. We vowed not only to never touch an IR receiver again, but also to do better next time. Thus, Bessie's son was born. His name is Eisseb (see what we did there). Eisseb is our obstacle avoiding car. He began as a fancy RC car chassis, and with some modifications, plus an arduino uno and a sonic sensor, he became what he is today: awesome. BUT WAIT! There's more: We did the work, so you don't have to! Okay, that's a lie, but we did write down what we did. Hopefully, the world will soon be full of sonic sensor cars for Eisseb's robot army. Step 1: Gather Your Eisseb Materials! - MA…

FM Bugger Circuit

FM Bugger Circuit
Here’s a great project from<ahref="">EEWEb</a>.
Author : Charlene Tessa Descallar.
Editor : S. Sai Jayanth /LearntoDiscover.
The project circuit design is a FM Bugger circuit. It works like a the same frequency to be able to transmit and receive information in the same channel. The FM bugger circuit is originally designed to be used like a spy gadget to eavesdrop other people’s conversations. Though it is designed that way, it is pretty much useful as a transmitter or transmitter that transmits and projects information signals into the air wherein a FM radio will act as a receiver which would receive the transmitted signal. The circuit and the FM radio must be tuned-in with as a walkie-talkie to relay messages in a distance. {image3} PROJECT DESCRIPTION
The FM bugger circuit is designed to be used as a spy gadget that would monitor a person through his conversations. Though it is il…

How to Make a Homemade Water Filter

How to Make a Homemade Water Filter Alas, not everyone is knowledgeable even with the basics ofhow to filter water (we’re looking at you, kids)for drinks, let alone the concept ofa homemade water filtration system. It is quite important for anyone to learn how to make a water filterespecially for emergency situations. To help you out, here’s a guide on how to build a water filter.The following are five of the easiest homemade water filterbuilds: 1. Bio-Filter Things you will need: Gravel, sand, activated charcoal / activated carbon, five (5) food-gradefive-gallon buckets, screen, plastic plumbing fittings, hole saw Bio-filter, as a homemade filter, is composed of three separate layers of gravel, sand, and activated charcoal. It is a streamlined method of filtering impurities in the water starting from the biggest up to the most minuteimpurities in the water. Here's How To Do It: 1. Turn the water gallon container upside down. 2. Cut a hole at the top of the container. This is whe…

Simple Tesla Coil

Hello! Today I’m going to show you how I build a Tesla coil! Probably you may know this device from computer games, movies or some “music tesla show” whatever they call it. If we ignore the mystique around the Tesla coils, it's just a high-voltage resonance transformer working without a core. So as not to get bored from theory let’s jump to practice. Step 1: Circuit There is a circuit of coil, as you can see it’s very simple and we need only few components. - power supply, 9-21V, also it’s gonna work from batteries with same voltagelittle heatsinkTransistor 13009 or 13007, or almost any NPN transistors with similar parametersvariable 50kohm resistor180Ohm resistorcooper winding wire 0.1-0.3mm, I used 0.19mm which is 36 American wire gauge, about 200 meters. Also we need a frame for secondary coil, it’s could be any dielectric cylinder diameter of approximately 5cm and length of 20cm. In my case it’s piece of 1-1/2 inch pvc pipe from home depot. Step 2: Coils

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Extension of lythagoras theorem - By me

We all know that (famous) mathematician pythagorus. Like pythagorus his younger brother LYTHAGORUS want to discover a theorem and finally he made that but failed to explain the proof. The mistake he made was rectified by me (lol _ not a big mistake, simple logic that was not developed in old days) .

Lythagoras gave me a hint to discover this theorem or fact. He said that square of length of smallest side of a right triangle is equal to sum of lengths of other two sides. But I correct the statement. He had reached his victory but it has a small mistake. The correct statement which was given by me is "the square of smallest side in right triangle is equal to (x)(sum of lengths of other two sides).
           If 'c' is hypotenuse and a>b.                                                                                                                                                                                then 'b' square = x(a+c).
I think this is 1st time to …