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FM Bugger Circuit

FM Bugger Circuit
Here’s a great project from<ahref="">EEWEb</a>.
Author : Charlene Tessa Descallar.
Editor : S. Sai Jayanth /LearntoDiscover.
The project circuit design is a FM Bugger circuit. It works like a the same frequency to be able to transmit and receive information in the same channel. The FM bugger circuit is originally designed to be used like a spy gadget to eavesdrop other people’s conversations. Though it is designed that way, it is pretty much useful as a transmitter or transmitter that transmits and projects information signals into the air wherein a FM radio will act as a receiver which would receive the transmitted signal. The circuit and the FM radio must be tuned-in with as a walkie-talkie to relay messages in a distance. {image3} PROJECT DESCRIPTION
The FM bugger circuit is designed to be used as a spy gadget that would monitor a person through his conversations. Though it is il…