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How to Make a Homemade Water Filter

How to Make a Homemade Water Filter Alas, not everyone is knowledgeable even with the basics ofhow to filter water (we’re looking at you, kids)for drinks, let alone the concept ofa homemade water filtration system. It is quite important for anyone to learn how to make a water filterespecially for emergency situations. To help you out, here’s a guide on how to build a water filter.The following are five of the easiest homemade water filterbuilds: 1. Bio-Filter Things you will need: Gravel, sand, activated charcoal / activated carbon, five (5) food-gradefive-gallon buckets, screen, plastic plumbing fittings, hole saw Bio-filter, as a homemade filter, is composed of three separate layers of gravel, sand, and activated charcoal. It is a streamlined method of filtering impurities in the water starting from the biggest up to the most minuteimpurities in the water. Here's How To Do It: 1. Turn the water gallon container upside down. 2. Cut a hole at the top of the container. This is whe…