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H-Bridge Motor Driver for Arduino Using Transistor

Hello everyone, In this post we will be building our ownH Bridge motor driver module for Arduino using transistors. Technical specifications: Control motor speedusing PWM pins of Arduino.Control motor direction.Can run any small hobby DC motor consuming250mA(Maximum).Why a H Bridge? Unlike my last attempt to control motor using a single transistor, the H bridge module consists of 4 transistors. Because, the single transistor motor driver was able to control the speed of motor. But, unable to control direction of the motor.So, We need a H bridge of transistors in order to control speed as well as direction of the motor efficiently.Also, This motor driver dose not cost any more than $1.25 USD making it super cheap. Find the circuit on Autodesk Circuitshere. Step 1: Gather the parts

Arduino Programmer - Software.

As we know that, to programme an arduino we need software. The software can be downloaded from the given link.


Arduino microcontrollers come in a variety of types. The most common is theArduino UNO, but there are specialized variations. Before you begin building, do a little research to figure out which version will be the most appropriate for your project. STEP 2
To begin, you'll need to install the Arduino Programmer, aka the integrated development environment (IDE). STEP 3
Connect your Arduino to the USB port of your computer. This may require a specific USB cable. Every Arduino has a different virtual serial-port address, so you 'll need to reconfigure the port if you're using different Arduinos. STEP 4
Set the board type and the serial port in the Arduino Programmer.
Test the microcontroller by using one of the preloaded programs, called sketches, in the Arduino Programmer. Open one of the example …

Arduino - Programming


Allies beside India in Surgical operation and for War.

2016 - sep to oct hot news - uri attack.................... May become a world war due to the allies behind India and Pakistan.

Simple reason for the beginning  for the war is the uri attack by the pakistan and then India started the surgical operations. If this continues it may become the world war due to the allies. The important allies are given below. India                                                        Pakistan                         USA                                                             China                                France                                                          Saudi Arub                         Japan                                                            Iran                          Russia                                                          Other                         Israel CHINA- without any doubt it would support Pakistan. It would be glad to see India bogged down as much as it could
ISRAEL- India. It wouldnt waste a chanc…