Extension of lythagoras theorem - By me

 We all know that (famous) mathematician pythagorus. Like pythagorus his younger brother LYTHAGORUS want to discover a theorem and finally he made that but failed to explain the proof. The mistake he made was rectified by me (lol _ not a big mistake, simple logic that was not developed in old days) .
Lythagoras gave me a hint to discover this theorem or fact. He said that square of length of smallest side of a right triangle is equal to sum of lengths of other two sides. But I correct the statement. He had reached his victory but it has a small mistake. The correct statement which was given by me is "the square of smallest side in right triangle is equal to (x)(sum of lengths of other two sides).
           If 'c' is hypotenuse and a>b.
                                                                                                                                                                               then 'b' square = x(a+c).

I think this is 1st time to discover the above fact. 
                                                                                                                                                                    Statement :- In a right triangle smallest side square is divisible by sum of other two sides.
triangle ABC with right angle at C
By pythagoras theorem,
c Sq. =  a sq. + b sq.
a sq = c sq - b sq
dividing both side by c+b we get,
a sq. = (c+b)(c-b)
let c-b = x
a sq. = x(c+b)
hence proved
here x is (c-b)
let a=6,b=8,c=10
6 sq. is divisible by 8+10. 
And other factor is (10-8)=2.
hence verified.
Check it out and Correct me if I am wrong.

His theorem is lythagorus theorem but became LIEthagorus theorem bcoz it is wrong. (lol- Its true).

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